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In pre-Christian times the Celts saw the sun as their primary source of life and connection with the Sacred. It was light, warmth and source of fertility when mating with mother earth. Celtic Christianity readily assimilated it as the forerunner of their Christian story. Now sun and Son would be joined in fixing the sun circle to Christís cross. During the bitter years of the Penal Times it was as if the oppressors hacked off the sun-circle and forced the Irish to use the Penal Cross. They as a people were also crucified.  

The sun did shine another day to lift the veil of darkness over Penal Ireland.  But it needed committed people to restore the sun circle to the cross. Edmund Rice was one of them. By restoring hope, through education, and financial security to the poor and oppressed he restored to them their place in the sun. 




After much research and three years in our new mission in the Philippines the book is just about ready to roll! Unfortunately the hold up at this point is raising the finance in order to go to print. So this page is really an invitation to taste and see if the book is good! The three sections on display here in downloadable pdf files will hopefully provide a good taste in what is on offer in the book. As you will see it is a full colour presentation with rich lashings of poetry and imagined dialogues. It enables us to get a depth perception of how, against a background of Celtic Spirituality, Edmund sensed the sacred in every aspect of life both rural and urban. Indeed I am suggesting that Edmund wrote a new chapter of Celtic Spirituality appropriate to the enlightenment era of his day. 

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The Introduction sets out today's context for understanding the Founding Story and also the different windows to look into person of Edmund Rice.


Chapter 1 is one of four chapters on different aspects of Celtic Spirituality. It introduces a mythic past framed by the two great monuments, Newgrange (Ireland) and Stonehenge (England) in which the penetration of the sacred sun into the earth to make it fertile. Sensing the sacred in all aspects of life is a pillar of Celtic Spirituality.

Ch 1.pdf

Chapter 6 Is a typical example where the best research is done using diaries, poetry and dialogues reconstruct Edmund and his boyhood life at Westcourt, Callan. Edmund can position himself in this way to be the radical Christian friend of the poor later.

Ch6 large.pdf ( 8274 kb)

ch6sm.pdf (555 kb)


The book (450 pages full colour) will be selling for $A45.00 ($USD 37, 27 euros) approximately. If you are interested in a purchase please email Br Peter Hardiman