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2 Edmund helped .............. who were about to die.

5 Where Edmund lived as a businessman.

6 The symbol used to describe God's influence.

7 Edmund is kneeling at the centre of what looks like a .b.......... He joins together the spiritual world and the everyday world so that they are one.

8 Edmund might well have learnt to be so .c......... as a result of looking after his daughter.

13 The change from businessman to teacher of the poor was so profound that it seemed like........... had struck.

18 The name of the town where Edmund was born.

19 These were often thought to be holy places for Irish people, and there is a spiral in it.

20 Edmund grew up during the ....... times when there were restrictions on what Catholics could do.

21 Edmund relied on get strength and know what he had to do.

23 The dark bird shape is a symbol for .........

24 Another symbol for evil as found in the Bible. Edmund crushes it.

25 Three words standing for the sacrifice Edmund made showing him to be like Jesus.

26 It is said that Edmund's wife was killed in a ......... accident.


1 Mary ........ of God is a popular title for Mary.

3 Around the halo of Mary is the ro.......

4 Edmund recognised Jesus in the class-room because where there is there is Christ.

5 The name of the place where Edmund Rice was born.

9 The name of a great early monk.

10 Part of the Celtic Cross.

11 This bishop welcomed Edmund and what he was planning to do, although he was a bit suspicious for a while.

12 The name of the sisters whom Edmund helped.

14 Two words symbolised by the bird.

15 The Founder of the Presentation Sisters.

16 Because Edmund's daughter was ............. she needed special help.

17 In the icon Edmund has large eyes to show his c..............

22 The first name of Mr Rice

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